Wealthy Investor Series

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Analysis of Wealthy Investors. As a financial provider, how do you uncover the information you need to market and service these valuable clients?
Spectrem’s Wealthy Investor Series is your resource for all the insights you need - from advisor use and communication preferences to portfolio allocations and personal concerns.

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Accelerate Growth

Understand what products and services your clients and prospects desire

appropriate services

Profile target market clients more effectively by understanding the segment completely


Shorten cycle from prospect to client

powerful marketing and sales presentations

Enhance relationships with wealthy clients


Increase revenue


Insights for client meetings and sales calls

Wealth Market Overview Reports - 2022

You will also be invited to six exclusive webinars explaining the latest insights, key findings and what they mean for your firm.

Spectrem Visual Analytics

The Wealthy Investor Series is also presented via Spectrem’s Visual Analytics (SVA) - an interactive data visualization tool that encompasses all of our research with over 40,000 investors with $100,000 to $25 million in net worth. Users have the ability to quickly view and analyze data in multiple ways, allowing them to drill down and filter data by the segments that are most relevant to their firm.

When your advisors prepare for a meeting with a prospect, they may initially know nothing more than the age, gender and occupation of the investor. To ensure a fruitful meeting, more information is required.

With the Wealthy Investor Series and Spectrem’s Visual Analytics, advisors and providers can easily pull information on various types of investors to gain an idea of what to expect. Subscribers to the Wealthy Investor Series receive hundreds of dashboards of information and data to filter and analyze based on what is relevant for your firm.

This includes the ability to access historical information for much of our data.