Voice of the Investor Series

Knowledge and Action Items for Advisors to Grow Revenue
The current economic and financial environment has left wealthy investors confused and looking for leadership to navigate them through these times. Spectrem’s Voice of the Investors Series* is built from our ongoing research with investors, and provides advisors with the necessary roadmap to ensure they are prepared to take this leadership role making an impact on the lives of their clients.

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Each publication will answer key questions such as:
  • Which sales and marketing tactics resonate with Investors?
  • How to ensure client meetings accelerate your revenue growth?
  • What wealth management services do clients really desire?
  • What mistakes advisors make that cause clients to switch advisor?

Growing Revenue from Accountants

Building With Business Owners

Growing Revenue from Healthcare Professionals

Working With Wealthy Women

Communicating Fees to Clients

Why Investors Choose an Advisor - Key Selection Factors

Successful Sales and Marketing Tactics

Fiduciary Advisors - Do Clients Understand Fiduciary

Using Social Media with Affluent Investors

Why Do Investors Fire Advisors?

Advisor vs. Team Approach to Wealth Management

Creating Ongoing Client Satisfaction

Successful Financial Planning

Investment Expectations in Current Market Environment

Legacy Planning

Portfolios of the Wealthy

The Importance of Client Meetings

Website and Online Tools - The Necessities

Which Communication Tools are Most Important