Wealth Management Client
Experience Monitor

Understanding the Voice of Your ClientsTrack Real-time Wealth Management Client Satisfaction Monitor Key Wealth Management KPIs Instant CX Feedback Centralized Issue Resolution

Why Does Wealth Management Client Experience(CX) Matter?

  • Increase clients assets under management
  • Enhance service model to reflect needs of wealthy investor
  • More effectively meet wealthy client service expectations
  • Increase client loyalty and retention
  • Increase client referrals



Spectrem's Unique Process

Spectrem allows executives to track customer interactions in real time giving them an “early warning” system that detects problematic client experiences which provides feedback to develop effective strategies needed to exceed client expectations.

Spectrem’s wealthy investor experience allows identification of relevant KPIs and allows for development of effective surveys that capture trigger points related feedback.

Spectrem’s WMM personalizes relevant KPIs, and touchpoints at key trigger events so that executives have information at their fingertips.