Client Satisfaction

Understanding the Voice of Your ClientsEnable you to enhance client relationshipsFine-tune service modelsPrioritize your strategic focusIdentify gaps and implement solutions

Spectrem conducts client satisfaction studies through multiple disciplines utilizing the approach that best fits your clients.


Spectrem’s online satisfaction methodology provides the most flexible survey design and enables you to ask sets of questions to specific segments of clients.


Mail-based surveys can be utilized for clients who are not comfortable utilizing online services.


Spectrem can meet in-person or scheduled telephone interviews with high-value clients.

Client Satisfaction Analysis Process and Outcomes
Client Satisfaction Dashboards
Online, interactive dashboards of your client satisfaction study results powered by Spectrem Visual Analytics

These dashboards allow you to filter your results and view the data most relevant to your firm.

  • Customized Client Survey
  • Key Findings
  • Suggested Action Steps
  • Enhance Client Relationships
  • Fine-Tune Client Services
  • Prioritize Strategic Focus
  • Identify Service Gaps
  • Increase Market Awareness

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