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Working With The Working Investor

Your clients and prospective clients who are still in the workplace have myriad pressures that occupy their minds.  While they are interested in seeking their investments grow and provide for their eventual retirement, they simply cannot think about those investments or their portfolio constantly while also trying to run a business or operate within a business or work environment.

Working investors are less likely than retired investors to employ a financial advisor, but perhaps need an advisor just as much.  Between occupational concerns and family concerns (both aging parents and children), the state of household finances wrestles with the available investable assets to create pressure to serve both current and future needs.  That balancing act could use the management skills of a professional advisor, making working investors a good target for a future relationship.

This Perspective details how working investors differ from retired investors and explains how advisors can address those investors who are still in the workplace to meet their needs and assist them as they aim for a financially healthy retirement.


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