Wealth Market Reports

Wealthy Investor Series: Asset Allocation, Portfolios and Primary Providers

There is no such thing as the average wealthy investor. Dozens of factors go into the decisions investors make when choosing how to invest their sizable amount of assets, and with each factor, there are a dozen unique responses. Every portfolio is shaped a bit differently, and advisors need to be cognizant of the pressures which alter the shape of every portfolio.

In this study, consider an investor’s portfolio as a puzzle that has already been put together. The picture can be seen as a whole, but it can also be seen as a collection of individual pieces. This study examines the size and shape of the pieces that most investors use to create their own portfolio puzzle.

Asset allocation comes after all other financial factors are considered. Liabilities, insurance, long-term care needs, and home ownership are among the ingredients that are combined to determine what remains for investing. At that point, investors begin to consider where to invest their assets in order to achieve their personal financial goals. Finally, investors consider which firm best provides the services they need to properly aim their assets in the direction they prefer. 

This report examines the portfolios of wealthy investors and how the assets in those portfolios are distributed, as well as the companies which wealthy investors prefer to work with.


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