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The Wealth Spectrem

Do you wish you could accelerate your revenue growth? 
Are you providing the appropriate services to your wealthy clients?
Spectrem Group's Wealth Spectrem is designed to ensure your wealth management business is positioned appropriately:
  • Accelerate your revenue growth
  • Ensure you are providing the appropriate services to your wealthy clients
  • Understand the products and services clients expect from your firm
  • Create powerful marketing and sales presentations utilizing Spectrem data Educate your staff


Your Wealth Spectrem subscription includes the following: 


1.  Wealth Market Overview Reports.  Executive overview reports of Spectrem’s research with wealthy investors. Key topics include:

  • Evolving Investor Attitudes and Behaviors
  • Communicating With Providers and Advisors: Expectations vs. Reality
  • Defining Financial Planning
  • Portfolio Trends and Asset Management Decisions
  • Using Technology and Social Media in Financial Decisions
  • Parenting and Financial Issues


2.  High Net Worth Insights Journal.  This monthly journal includes in-depth articles for financial professionals who serve wealthy investors and is written to assist in servicing clients and growing revenue streams. Provides a pulse on how clients are investing and reacting to world markets and events via results of Spectrem’s Monthly Affluent and Millionaire Investor Confidence Index®.  

Available in PDF format, or as an online, interactive version with exclusive video content that illuminates issues your clients want to discuss with you. 


3.  Annual Market Insights - Spectrem’s Annual Market Insights provides an update on the size of the wealth market along with key findings from a number of Spectrem’s publications. 


4.  Choose 2 Strategic Perspectives

  • Comprehensive Bank Trust Update
  • Considering the Investor Triangle: Knowledge, Risk and Advisor Dependency
  • Doing the Right Thing: Charitable Giving
  • Family Affairs: How Children Change Financial Decision-Making
  • Get Schooled on Educators
  • Get Up to Speed With Investors in Information Technology
  • Investing to Benefit Society: Socially Responsible Investing
  • Investor Attitudes and Ownership of Insurance Products
  • Senior Corporate Executives: How to Serve the C-Suite
  • Wealthy Investor Usage of 529 Plans


5.  Choose 1 Research Publication From Spectrem's In-Depth Research Studies That Will Support Your Business Strategy:

  • Business Owners: Personal Wealth and Succession Planning - What role does the advisor play in making decisions about the future of small businesses and the owner’s personal wealth? 
  • The Convergence of Health and Wealth - How do investors intend to ensure their financial well-being is not undermined by health care costs and related issues? 
  • Down to the Last Detail: Setting Your Affairs in Order - Are investors prepared for a 30-year or longer retirement?  Examine the critical planning and preparation required for investors to ensure proper preservation and a transfer of wealth to heirs. 
  • The Financial Literacy Gap Among Millionaires - Wealthy investors often consider themselves to be fairly knowledgeable about investments. How much do they really know about investment products and styles? 
  • Financial Wellness in Retirement - What do investors retired for <10 years, 10-20 years and 20 years+ wish they had done differently before they retired? 
  • The Legacy: How Inheritors are Affected by Inheritance - Do investors of all ages and wealthy levels treat an inheritance in the same manner? How did their advisor assist in the process?
  • The Legacy Part II: Baby Boomers & the Wealth Transfer - What planning have Baby Boomers done in regards to transferring their wealth? Who do they turn to for advice?  Do their children know about their plans?
  • Preferred Sales Approach With Wealthy Investors - Wealthy investors explain how their advisor relationship started and which issues have most impacted their relationship. 
  • High Income Millennials: Redefining the American Dream - As this generation ages, their financial attitudes and behaviors will shape investing and economics for decades to come. Understand the forces which influence their decisions. 
  • Millennial and Gen X Investors: Attracting the Next Generations of Wealth - How will these investors change the future of the financial services industry? Or will they?
  • Professional Profile Series - Increase your understanding of the financial and retirement planning needs of doctors, lawyers and accountants. 
  • Robo Advisor 3.0 - Why do investors choose to start working with a robo- advisor and how do they foresee future robo use? Do human advisors stand a chance with these investors? 
  • Successfully Growing Your Business With Wealthy Women - Wealthy female investors are a key target client for providers and advisors. Find out how they feel about their investing strategies, personal concerns and financial advisors. 
  • Widows and Divorcees - These two major life events leave a large percentage of women going through a transition. What role has their financial advisor played in their transition?


6.  Investor Profile Tool - With Spectrem’s Investor Profile Tool, you can quickly profile investors to better prepare your firm for client or prospect meetings.

In-depth insights on wealthy investors at your fingertips! View their attitudes and behaviors on topics such as national and personal concerns, perceived investment knowledge, asset allocation, likelihood to invest, advisor communication preferences and more. Profile investors based on:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Gender
  • Retirement status
  • Marital status
  • Ethnicity
  • Advisor Use
  • Wealthy status
  • Geography

7.  Senior Spectrem executives will meet with your management team in person to discuss key trends in the wealth market and the potential impact for your company.  Travel expenses are invoiced to the client.


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The Wealth Spectrem