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Are your Wealth Management Clients Happy?  How would you know if you do not ask?  It's time to conduct a client survey with your Wealth Management Clients.  Most Wealth Management clients have not lived through a recession and depend on Advisors and Providers to tell them what to do.  Have you asked them for feedback in 2022.  Only 76 percent of wealthy Generation X clients are satisfied with their financial professional.  Fifty-four percent of Millennials are likely to move their assets if their provider lacks the digital tools they desire.  Client surveys are common regardless of the product or industry.
How: Client survey that identifies the satisfaction level of your clients in key areas such as, service, website features, fees, communication, financial planning, advisor relationship and more.
Who: Spectrem Group has specialized in researching investors in the high net worth industry for over 30 years.
What: Benchmark your organization's results to those of similar providers.  Gain key industry insights through comparing to similar firms.  Results are displayed through an interactive dashboard that enables segmentation by net worth, assets with your firm, age and gender.
When: Spectrem is launching the next wave of surveys in November 2022.
Where: This is an online survey that does not require any client identifying information and is displayed in an easy-to-use online format that allows for customization of results viewing.
Why: Learn satisfaction levels of your clients, gain insights into what drives client satisfaction and compare your results to other organizations like yourself.  Learn investor likelihood to refer to your firm, as well as how loyal they are as clients.
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