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Wealthy Investors and Their Perceptions of Robo-Advisors

The good news for financial advisors is that the majority of wealthy investors prefer a human advisor over a robo-advisor for financial services.  But while the population of investors who use the technology-based, algorithm-sourced platform is small, it is growing.  

Robo-advisors have entered the mainstream of financial and investment advice.  What is your clients' awareness of robo-advisors?  In what situations do they use them?  Do you have a robo-strategy to satisfy their expectations, retain their business and gain their referrals?  

Wealthy Investors and Their Perceptions of Robo-Advisors provides impactful insights from two groups of investors: those who use a robo-advisor and those who currently do not.  350 investors were surveyed, all of whom have $100,000 or more in net worth.  

Why should you purchase this report? 
  • Uncover the primary reason investors start to use a robo-advisor and what keeps some affluent investors from using a robo-advisor.  Do financial advisors have a part of play in the use of robo-advisors? 
  • Discover if risk tolerance is a factor in who is most likely to use a robo-advisor.  What about gender? 
  • Increase your knowledge of which investors hold most of their assets with a robo-advisor.