Wealth Market Reports

Wealthy Investor Series: Portfolio Decision Making

Why do investors make the investment decisions in the way they do?

There are myriad influences and factors which weigh upon the minds of investors as they determine how to divvy up their investable assets. 

Starting with a desired outcome (income, security or growth), investors look at different product types with different rates of return, the risk involved in different products, and the diversification of their portfolio as reasons for making the decisions they make.

At the same time, some investors depend heavily upon the recommendations of their advisor in determining their asset allocation. 

Investors watch the stock market, listen to market commentators, place some assets in risky ventures and protect other assets, all the while wondering when the next recession is going to come. It’s a complicated strategy, and every investor is different in terms of influences based on age, wealth level, gender, marital status, parental status and occupational security.

This study examines investor decision-making from the standpoint of specific products in standard portfolios, as well as the outside influences and inner psychology that plays a role in how those decisions are made. 


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