Wealthy Investor Series: Politics, Taxes and Investors' Changing Attitudes

Investors today are required to pay close attention to events and announcements that come from the government. The new tax laws obviously impact investment decisions, and the partisan politics which have such a strong hold on American government can impact the economy as well.

Spectrem’s new research study in the Wealthy Investor Series – Politics, Taxes and Investors’ Changing Attitudes  surveyed affluent investors about their reaction to the new tax laws and their opinions regarding the political landscape in America. 

Some key points from the study include: 

  • Fifty-two percent of all investors claim they are more interested in politics today than in the past, and 28 percent are significantly more interested. Investors are evenly split between those who pay attention because they want the current administration to succeed in its political efforts, and those who want the current administration to fail. 
  • Asked to place their support of the new lower corporate tax rate on a 0-to-100 scale, the overall response was 49.09, as close to the middle of the road as one could get. 
  • A majority of investors believe the Dow Jones will be at or above 26,000 at the end of 2018, and more than one quarter believe it will top 28,000 by that time. 

Advisors should probably not talk politics with investors but they would benefit from knowing how their clients feel regarding the political environment in the country today. Conversations about investment strategies can be impacted, and the study can assist advisors in understanding how affluent investors feel today about subjects which dominate the headlines daily.


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