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The Legacy: How Investors are Impacted by Inheritance

For many households, receiving an inheritance is a tipping point on whether to engage a financial advisor.  With this influx of money comes questions, concerns and opportunities for which investors may seek the expertise of a financial professional.  

Every inheritance is unique in how it impacts the inheritor, and what each does with their inheritance varies greatly.  The Legacy will help you gain the insights necessary to help inheritors with their inheritance.  


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Why should you purchase this report? 
  • Discover how investors dealt with their inheritance.  Do they view these funds dirferently than their own investments?  
  • Increase your knowledge of the legal, personal and emotional challenges inheritors face when they receive an inheritance. 
  • Uncover who the inheritors communicate with the most during the process: the lawyer of the grantor, the financial advisor or the grantor, their advisor? 
  • Gather insights into how inheritors feel the process could have been improved. 


Price: $18,000.00
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The Legacy: How Investors are Impacted by Inheritance