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Effective Communication Techniques for Attracting and Retaining Current and Next-Generation Clients

What are the magic words that financial and advisory firms can use to attract and retain clients? Spectrem conducted focus groups across the United States with high net worth investors to gain an understanding of what types of communication they prefer from an advisor.  What attracted them to a specific advisor?  How can financial advisors and providers provide investors with information that is important to them?

Half of the groups were conducted with Gen X and Millenial investors while the other half was conducted with Baby Boomers.  Investors all have a net worth of $1 million or more. 



Why should you purchase this report? 
  • Boost your understanding how your wealthy clients prefer to communicate with you.
  • Discover how wealthy investors choose their advisors.  How do they develop a feeling of trust with their advisors? 
  • Uncover the preferences of your wealthy clients in regards to you (the advisor or provider) having a relationship with their children.  Do they want to introduce their children to you?  
  • Discover what attracts wealthy investors to a specific advisor.  
  • Increase your knowledge of how you can best provide the information that is important to your clients.

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