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Down to the Last Detail: Setting Your Financial Affairs in Order

Every one of your clients is going to pass away eventually. Are their financial affairs in order for that day? Are you certain they have considered every last detail?

Spectrem’s study, Down to the Last Detail, surveyed investors regarding the financial details they were privy to as they worked with a loved one that passed away, as well as investors who are currently assisting a loved one in preparing for their eventual passing.

The study looks into the preparations family members have made regarding wealth transfer, and those plans which were not or have not been made.

Living wills, trusts, and medical and financial power of attorney are considered, along with documentation of financial records. Just as important as collecting the documentation is the question of whether loved ones know where to find the documentation and know where all the financial accounts are being held. Do family members and financial advisors know who the beneficiaries on their clients’ accounts are?

Investors are asked whether they have learned any lessons from handling someone else’s financial matters on the approach to death and whether they have made any changes in their own preparations.

Down to the Last Detail is a guide for advisors to determine where clients stand in their own preparation for a day they know will come eventually.

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