Wealthy Investor Series: Advisor Communication

Communicating with investors is a crucial part of the provider-client/advisor-client relationship.  Wealthy investors have for years expressed that communication, or lack thereof, can determine whether an investors stays with their current advisor.  How can advisors and providers ensure investors are satisfied with their communication techniques, methods and frequency?   

Spectrem's new research study in the Wealthy Investor Series - Advisor Communication - surveys affluent investors about their communication preferences and their use of various communication channels, such as text, video-chat and social media.  

Some of the topics covered in this study include: 

  • The social media platforms utilized by wealthy investors
  • Current and preferred advisor and provider communication frequency
  • Most effective ways to educate clients on new products
  • The effectiveness ratings investors give their advisors' newsletters, blogs, emails, videos and social media posts 
  • Topics investors would like to receive information on from their advisors and providers
  • and much more....


Full brochure here. 


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