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Serving Business Owners

Business owners continually face a variety of economic challenges ranging from the economy to increasing regulatory requirements.  How do business owners react to these challenges?  Who do they rely upon for advice?  Do they prefer to utilize the same advisors for their business and personal assets?

This research was conducted with 350 small and mid-sized business owners.  All of the business owners will have at least $1 million in net worth.  A significant sample of millennial, Gen Xers, Baby Boomers and older business owners will be included.  The study focuses upon the following issues:

  • Regulatory and Economic Challenges that have weighed most heavily upon the businesses in the past five years.  Have financial providers and advisors assisted them in their capacity to cope with these obstacles?
  • Employee Benefit Issues including how the Affordable Care Act has impacted their benefit program.  What changes have been made or do they plan to make to their retirement plans?  What type of advisory firm assists them in making decisions about their employee benefits?
  • Advisory Relationships including who they depend on to advise them on their business decisions.  Has the tightening credit environment cause them to change financial providers?  Do they prefer to utilize the same firm to manage their personal and business assets?
  • Business Succession Planning and the Next Generation Planning including how they plan on unwinding their business upon retirement.  Do they even plan on retiring?  Will they sell the business or leave the business to their children?  What discussions have they had with the next generation of family members in regards to what is expected of them, and in-turn, what they can expect.  How involved have advisors been in this conversation?

The report includes the answers to the above questions and more.  Additionally, the implications for financial providers is a key part of the report, allowing providers to solidify their relationship with these important clients or potential clients. 

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