Wealthy Investor Series - Sources Investors Go To For Information

Investors are inundated with information from every angle. Financial information is available through a wide variety of platforms, and is accessible 24/7. It is challenging for investors to discern what sources of information should be trusted, and what individuals should be listening to outside of their financial advisor.

Every different type of information platform; websites, cable news, print media, social media, financial advisors, videos, television, and more are available to investors. Within each of these platforms there are a wide variety of choices available and investors must make the decision on which source to watch/read/listen to.

Advisors and providers need to be aware of the various sources of information that investors are focusing on and be prepared to discuss what investors learn from these information sources. Financial advisors should keep themselves updated on multiple information platforms, and several options within each platform in order to properly be educated and prepared to discuss topics with investors.

Investors are also looking for more information on a variety of topics from various information sources. Advisors and providers should evaluate what services they offer and make adjustments to ensure the information they provide meets the needs of wealthy investors.

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