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2017 Millionaire Investor - Advisor Relationships and Changing Advice Requirements

What do Millionaires Expect From Their Advisor Relationships?  

How do these investors prefer to communicate with their advisors?  What are their communication expectations?

How would they define their risk tolerance, or investment knowledge?  Do they rely on their advisors for the majority of their investing, or are they more involved?

What services are they currently receiving from their financial advisor? Estate planning? Retirement planning? Long-term care? Which will they be seeking in the future?




Why should you purchase this report? 
  • Discover the expectations of investors with $1million to $5 million in net worth (not including their primary residence).  
  • Uncover their current advisor use and which types of financial advisors they prefer. 
  • Increase your knowledge of the factors which would cause a Millionaire investor to switch advisors. 
  • Gather insights into whether or not they would recommend their advisor to others, and what would cause those that do not use an advisor to consider utilizing one.   
  • Create better marketing and sales materials to target these sought-after clients with better insights into their advisor relationships and communication expectations.