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2016 Spectrem Perspectives

The Spectrem Perspective lineup is a sequence of timely market insight reports, focusing on the niche topics that are presently top-of-mind for financial service industry executives. Several demographic analyses are completed in each report, along with a high-level look at varying attitudes and behaviors amongst different segments of wealth. $795 each. 

2016 Perspectives Include:

Profiling of Investors Based on Their Preferred Advisor Types
Do specific investor characteristics and behaviors indicate an investor is more likely to choose specific types of advisors? What kind of investors choose financial planners? Do they differ from investors that choose full services brokers? What type of investors choose RIAs? Do differences in primary advisor type impact what wealthy investors are worried about or their financial decisions?
Improve your revenue growth by understanding the type of primary advisors investors prefer based on their profile of age, gender, occupation, wealth level and investment risk orientation. Their product, servicing, and communication preferences will be included in the profile as well.

Senior Corporate Executives: How to Serve the C-Suite
How do investors in the C-Suite differ from Professionals and Business Owners?
This Spectrem Perspective will provide insights into Senior Corporate Executives’ characteristics that make them unique investors relative to other occupations. It will delve into the attitudes and behaviors of these successful individuals and identify what they perceive to be their biggest concerns, both nationally and personally.
Their use of social media and mobile technology will also be examined, as well as how they gather and obtain financial information. Expectations of their advisors, asset allocation, preferred communication channels, advisor satisfaction and the services with which they seek advisor assistance will be discussed. What does the typical Senior Corporate Executive portfolio look like? This perspective will reveal products utilized, investments owned and perceptions of various financial providers.

The Insurance Gamble: Do Wealthy Investors Feel They Need It? (coming soon)

What insurance products do wealthy investors view as optional versus required?  Are they more likely to own insurance such as long-term care because they can afford it, or less likely because they feel they do not need the coverage? In this Spectrem Perspective, we will analyze insurance ownership among wealthy investors and compare those that own life insurance against those that do not.  Do they own term insurance or whole life?  How do their attitudes, demographic characteristics,  and behaviors differ?  What does the typical insurance owner portfolio look like? Do their views on insurance ownership change their advisor usage or personal concerns?

Family Affairs: How Children Change Your Financial Decision-Making

Having children changes your life in many ways.  This Spectrem Perspective will analyze how having children affects the financial decisions of wealthy investors.  It will explore the differences between wealthy investors with and without children.  How do their financial decisions differ?  Are they more likely to own life insurance?  Do they utilize the services of an advisor more than those without children?  Are they more apt to use social media and mobile technology in their financial decision-making:  This perspective will look at differences in personal and national concerns, portfolio allocations, products used, advisor usage and more.  Does the level of wealth impact the decisions they make?

Wealthy Investor Perceptions and Usage of 529 Plans (coming soon) 
When it comes to educating future generations, it seems that the future will only bring more expenses and higher levels of debt for younger families.  In this Spectrem Perspective, we will evaluate HNW investors regarding their usage of 529 accounts for future educational costs.  Are these tax-preferred investment vehicles gaining traction with the affluent community?  What type of provider do they use and how do they find them?  Are these investors looking to other types of assets for educational costs?  If so, what types of assets?  What are their attitudes regarding paying for their children’s education? Do they believe their children should take out student loans?  Work during college?


Research for our Spectrem Perspectives is conducted with high net worth investors with $100,000 - $25 million in net worth, not including their primary residence. 


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2016 Spectrem Perspectives