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2010 High Balance Rollover

In late summer of 2010 the individuals included in this research completed an online questionnaire.  All of these households rolled over a balance of at least $200,000 within the last two years or had the opportunity to do so and thus made a significant financial decision regarding these assets.  More than 500 respondents completed this study, and it provides some interesting insights for financial providers and advisors regarding how these individuals make decisions pertaining to this important financial event. 

These individuals and their decisions will be analyzed within the following segments:

•Those who rolled over due to retirement versus a job change versus merely   moving money previously left in a plan versus other reasons;
•Whether those individuals chose to roll the money into an IRA, choose a Periodic Income strategy, move the money into a new employer plan, leave it in a plan or take a taxable withdrawal;
•The size of the rollover opportunity;
•The age of the individual.

These rollover decisions will become increasingly important in the next decade as millions of Baby Boomers face this decision and determine how to effectively save and spend their retirement assets.

Price: $15,000.00
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2010 High Balance Rollover