Wealthy Investor Series: Defining Wealth Management

Financial advisors and providers describe their services in numerous and various ways, and most of them never fully list the services and products offered. One of the best examples of this nebulous description is the phrase “Wealth Management." Investors are uncertain what the phrase means, although they have opinions about what it should mean.

Spectrem’s new study – Defining Wealth Management – displays the confusion that exists in the terms advisors use to describe their services. 

Some of the topics covered in this study include: 

  • What services should be offered in a Wealth Management program.
  • What services are not appropriate in a Wealth Management program.
  • Whether Wealth Management services are only applicable to Millionaires.
  • The types of firms most likely to perform Wealth Management services.
  • Whether advisors or firms do a better job of providing certain services.


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