Medical and Immigration Issues Warm Up


Perhaps it always existed, but personality politics can certainly be traced back to when John F. Kennedy ran against Barry Goldwater for the 1964 presidential election. Kennedy’s youth, seen by many as a negative trait, was balanced by the fact that he was charming and good- looking and personable, and eventually he won the election.

Certainly, personality politics remains a hot button topic today. Much is made of President Donald Trump’s personality, and while there are conversations about whether a Democratic candidate for president is electable, a great deal of conversation surrounds the personalities of the candidates who ran for the nomination.
All of that being considered, most election experts will come back to one fact, which used to be considered indisputable: people vote with their pocketbooks. And there are two topics which rub up against the portfolios and wallets of all American voters: health care costs and immigration in America.
Through 2020, Spectrem is going to ask investors how they feel about the issues that will be discussed in political conversations and report the findings in their monthly report Tracking the 2020 Election. The results will show how affluent investors feel about the topics and compare their current reactions to their reported responses from previous months.
In January, investors with a net worth over $100,000 (not including the value of their primary residence), were most interested in seeing solutions for reducing the price of prescription drugs. On a 100-point scale, they measured their average interest at 82.08. a two-point drop from results of the same question one month ago, but still a very high average response. 
It is anticipated that these responses will become more vital from month to month as the election draws nearer and the potential for action becomes more clear. The respondents also recorded an average score over 80 for an improvement in transparency in pricing of medical services (81.99). That response has stayed consistent over the past two months.
Switching to immigration policy, investors expressed the greatest support for a comprehensive immigration policy (73.41), although that interest has dropped almost three points since the December survey. The response for a solution to DACA (the Dreamers Act for children born in America to illegal immigrants), was four points below the December results at 67.35.
One topic that is a hot button topic but that remains below the mid-point in concern among investors is funding for President Trump’s border wall. The interest level in January was at 44.63, and has been near that number for the three months of the survey.
Spectrem’s Tracking the 2020 Election asks about specific voting intentions, including responses to questions about all of the possible permutations of the Democratic nominee selection. It also includes investor expectations for the economic impact of the 2020 Presidential election, with responses showing far less concern over the economic ramifications that one might expect.
Tracking the 2020 Election will be updated monthly until the election in November.