Wealth and Retirement Research

Spectrem continually fields research to provide in-depth information regarding investors, plan sponsors or other entities engaged in the investment and financial services industry. 

In addition to our wealth market research, Spectrem also interviews a significant number of defined contribution plan participants on a quarterly basis to produce our syndicated retirement research.


Some examples of our syndicated research include:                                                                                                               


The $25 Million Plus Investor                  Serving Business OwnersSuccessfully Growing Your Business
With Wealthy Women
Choosing a TrusteeGatekeepers: Their Influence on
Referrals and Wealth Transfer
Effective Communication Strategies
for Attracting and Retaining Current
and Next-Generation Clients



Profiling of Investors Based on Their
Preferred Advisors
Senior Corporate Executives: How to
Serve the C-Suite
Client Loyalty Among
Affluent Investors



Why Investors Switch Advisors2016 Personal Trust Update
Investor Perceptions of Socially
Responsible and Impact Investing



Robo-AdvisorFinancial Wellness in RetirementDC Participant Insight Series