Spectrem Content Subscription Agreement

(“Subscriber”) has agreed to subscribe to Spectrem’s Content Subscription, a selection of advisor and consumer articles, infographics, videos and social media feeds (“the Subscription”).  For purposes of this Agreement, the Subscription Date is today. The price of the Subscription is either a) $2,000 annually or b) $195 per month with a 3-month minimum. 

The Subscription includes the following components, all of which have electronic access: 

1)       Advisor Short and Long Articles
2)       Advisor Infographics
3)       Advisor Videos
4)       Advisor Social Media Feeds
5)       Consumer Short and Long Articles
6)       Consumer Infographics
7)       Consumer Videos
8)       Consumer Social Media Feeds

Use of Information. Subscribers are granted a license to use the data and information included in the Subscription in internal communications, on Subscriber's website, and in newsletters and other client communications. Spectrem Group retains ownership of the content and has the right to utilize the data and information and to sell the content to additional third parties.

Copyright. Spectrem’s research is copyrighted. The Subscriber will ensure that each piece of content used by Subscriber carries the following copyright notice: “© 2018 Spectrem Group” or “© 2018 Spectrem Group” for calendar year 2018. Subscriber shall further ensure that a general attribution is published in any communications using Spectrem content similar to the following: “All Spectrem Group content used in this article or work is used by the Subscriber under license from the Spectrem Group. All Rights Reserved.” 

Limits of Liability. Spectrem Group, its subsidiaries, parents and affiliated companies shall have no responsibility for actions taken by Subscriber in reliance upon the Subscription or information contained therein.