Quantitative Research

Spectrem conducts quantitative research utilizing online and direct mail methodologies. Our senior research professionals work closely with your team to identify the appropriate methodology for your survey. Our reports include an indepth analysis of your issues and will identify key drivers and factors impacting your results. Cluster analysis will identify specific customers or prospects and how they may react to various initiatives.


As the survey is in the field, dependent on the methodology chosen below, Spectrem will provide you access with the daily tracking results. This will allow you to understand the initial trends, prior to data cleaning and analysis, as well as gain an understanding of how quickly you are achieving your results.

Online research


Spectrem conducts numerous online studies for its clients each year. This is in addition to the ongoing research with more than 3500 affluent households each quarter. Whether it is a customer satisfaction study specifically for your clients or an in-depth analysis of your brand or other strategic issues important to your business, Spectrem will work with your team to create the right sample to resolve your issues. Whether a panel or a random sample is the best way to reach your target, Spectrem will formulate the best solution for you.

Hard copy mail research


For many consumers, hard copy mail remains the most effective methodology for research. Spectrem will assist in developing the appropriate questionnaire for a hard copy survey, coordinate the mailing of the survey or coordinate with your in- house units, and analyze the output of this information.

Social media monitoring


Spectrem can conduct and monitor an analysis of social media commentary regarding key issues and or branding studies. This research can be specialized to focus on specific types of respondents or to review a general market overview to understand and analyze the issues you are trying strategically resolve.