Qualitative Research

Spectrem Group is expert at conducting qualitative research.  From face-to-face interviews to traditional and online focus groups, Spectrem’s senior research professionals are responsible for conducting the research.  These individuals have in-depth knowledge of your business and your industry.  Therefore, Spectrem is able to delve deeply into topics that arise spontaneously during the course of the research.  Combined with our strategic analysis, Spectrem is able to provide you with qualitative research to validate, confirm or begin the pursuit of greater opportunities for your business.

One-on-One Interviews


Spectrem conducts one-on-one interviews either face-to-face or via telephone.  From interviewing your wealthiest, most difficult clients to interviews with plan sponsors, financial advisors, attorneys, or the managers of an endowment, Spectrem is able to use individuals with industry expertise to conduct these interviews.  This allows you to gain the key information you may be seeking even from specialized individuals.

Focus Groups


Spectrem conducts focus groups throughout the country with various types of individuals from high net worth individuals to 401(k) plan participants. Because we use our senior research experts to conduct these groups rather than a moderator supplied by a facility, we are able to ask in-depth questions and to follow through on key issues.  Spectrem will work with you to identify appropriate geographies, design a strategic questionnaire to answer your questions, analyze the results and identify the most effective way to incent the appropriate type of individuals to participate in the research. Additionally, Spectrem provides its own video expert to tape any groups. This allows us to create a report appropriate for executives at your organization with appropriate video clips.

Online Focus Groups


Spectrem conducts online focus groups allowing you to effectively achieve information from busy individuals that don't have the time to attend traditional focus groups.  Spectrem will moderate these groups, following up with additional questions while maintaining and encouraging additional input from all participants.  Spectrem will advise you regarding how to recruit appropriate individuals as well as timing and other key factors to make the groups successful