Market Size

Spectrem is the most authoritative expert on the size of the wealth and retirement markets.  We can model the number of wealthy households in any geographical area or we can identify the number of plan sponsors in any given geography and industry.

  • Determine the market opportunity by geography. Our comprehensive data-base and our knowledge of governmental and other publicly available data are combined to provide you with robust market sizing. We can provide you with the number of wealthy households, the professions, the market share of competitors and other critical information to aid you in making strategic market and product decisions.
  • Identify penetration opportunities. Because of our ongoing syndicated research with more than 3500 households each quarter, we understand the likelihood of these households to own or purchase various types of products or investments.
  • Understand specific market segments. Spectrem’s detailed analysis within its syndicated research provides an enormous baseline opportunity to create your own custom segmentation. Whether it’s an analysis of your own customer data or an analysis of the total market bases on specific drivers, ethnographies, gender, investment habits or other feature, Spectrem’s research experts are able to provide you with an actionable segmentation strategy to support your strategic objective.

Spectrem is the leading expert in the industry when sizing the wealth markets.