Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Spectrem Group provides the most in-depth actionable customer experience and satisfaction research in the industry.

  • Our experience in providing customer experience and satisfaction research for more than 25 years makes our ability to provide you with actionable insights incomparable.
  • Our niche market knowledge allows us to develop survey instruments that truly apply to what your customers are experiencing.  Unlike large firms that provide massive consumer studies, our market knowledge of the industries we service: high net worth individuals, retirement plan participants, plan sponsors, retired investors and endowments and foundations…..this experience allows us to develop the”next question”…the one you are truly trying to answer. There is no need to explain your services and what you do to us…..we understand.
  • Benchmarking against competitors is easy. Because our syndicated research touches more than 3500 investors each month, we are able to identify significant samples of your competitors and allow you to compare yourself against them. How responsive are your competitors? What are their perceived strengths and weaknesses? How do you compare?
  • Professionalism is critical when outsiders interview your clients or prospects. Only highly qualified experienced professional researchers will interact with your clients or prospects.