September 17, 2015 Millionaire Fact of the Day


September 17, 2015 Fact of the Day: Investing Habits of Millennials


DID YOU KNOW THAT most Millennials would rather read an article on financial issues than discuss it with a professional or watch a video?




How do Millennials prefer to consume financial information?  Reading articles?  Watching videos? Talking to a financial professional?  According to research recently conducted by Spectrem Group, reading an article is the preferred method for Millennials to educate themselves regarding financial issues.

Spectrem Group recently conducted research with almost 400 wealthy Millennials regarding their financial behaviors and concerns.  The study found that 55 percent of Millennials would prefer to read an article to educate themselves regarding financial issues.  Thirty two percent would prefer to discuss the issue with a financial professional and 13 percent would prefer to watch a video.

While only 13 percent prefer the video, over 40 percent acknowledge that they watch financial videos.  The most popular are financial information videos at 59 percent.  Forty-seven percent of Millennials watch videos with stock tips while 38 percent will watch videos of financial commentators.  Forty-four percent will watch videos on current financial events.


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