USA Today, October 23, 2015, Elizabeth Weise - Tech Stocks' Rise Shakes up List of World's Richest


Google, Amazon and Microsoft stocks soared after strong quarterly reports Thursday.  The stock portfolios for millions of Americans rose on the news, but some rose more than others.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates remained the richest person on the planet, with a personal fortune of $79.3 billion, according to Forbes' list of the world's billionaires.

That's in spite of the efforts he and his wife Melinda have made to give the money away, totalling more than $29 billion so far.

On Thursday Gates made another $1.1 billion, according to Bloomberg's rankings of the world's richest people. Microsoft's stock (MSFT) was up 10.57% at mid-day on Friday.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos's personal fortune was up $3.2 billion Friday to $53 billion, making him the world's fifth richest person, and the third richest in the United States, according to Forbes. Amazon stock (AMZN) was up 7.11% Friday

Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin also made a pretty penny, $2.4 and $2.3 billion respectively, according to Forbes.

Stock in Google's parent company Alphabet (GOOGL) was up 9.23% Friday.

Page and Brin rank as 13th and 14th on Forbes' list, with fortunes worth $36.7 and $36 billion each.

Mark Zuckerberg fared well also.  According to Bloomberg's ranking of the world's richest people, his personal fortune was up $1.1 billion. He is number seven on the list, with $44.2 billion.

Facebook's stock (FB) rose 2.39% Friday.

While few are in the stratosphere range of these tech titan, the number of wealthy Americans is rising.

In 2014, more than 9 million households had a net worth of $1 million or more, 1.24 million households were worth more than $5 million and 132,000 households had at least $25 million, according to a report on affluent markets by the Spectrem Group.


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