NFIB, March 28, 2016 - Gloves Come off for Trump and Cruz


Fighting out of one corner, there’s Donald Trump, the anti-GOP establishment frontrunner who has amassed a huge following by tapping into voter frustrations. In the other, it’s Ted Cruz, John Kasich and the GOP establishment who are desperate to stop Trump’s march to the nomination.


Trump tallied 58 delegates in the winner-take-all contest in Arizona on March 22; meanwhile, Cruz gained 69 percent of the vote in Utah, adding 40 delegates to his total. Trump now leads Cruz by fewer than 300 delegates. After the contests, Jeb Bush endorsed Cruz, another potential sign that anti-Trump Republicans are backing Cruz. 

Although neither candidate gave a speech after their victories, they did offer remarks on the terrorist attack in Brussels and elaborated on their foreign policy strategies. Trump reiterated his message of border control and said the attack in Brussels shows how important it is to secure the United States’ borders. Cruz echoed that sentiment and called for an increased police presence in Muslim areas where suspected terrorist activity is occurring.

What’s Small Business Saying?

Although national security has risen to the forefront of voters' minds recently, taxes and regulations are still a top concern for small business owners. Seventy-four percent of business owners cite taxes as their top concern, according to a Spectrem Group study. Healthcare costs and a sluggish economy are also going to be major issues for owners come November.  

Republicans are entering a slight lull in the campaign season, with the next primary not taking place until April 5 in Wisconsin.


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