Medical and Immigration Issues Warm Up



Politicians have been arguing about health care and immigration in America for, well, ever.

But, with the Presidential and Congressional elections of 2020 now only 10 months away, citizens are paying closer attention to the hot-button topics and what candidates and current elected officials have to say about them.

Through 2020, Spectrem is going to ask investors how they feel about the issues that will be discussed in political conversations and report the findings in their monthly report Tracking the 2020 Election. The results will show how affluent investors feel about the topics and compare their current reactions to their reported responses from previous months.

In December, investors with a net worth over $100,000 (not including the value of their primary residence), were most interested in seeing solutions for reducing the price of prescription drugs. On a 100-point scale, they measured their average interest at 84.28, which is a very high average response. Notably, that average was slightly higher than the response in November, which was 81.56.

It is anticipated that these responses will become more vital from month to month as the election draws nearer and the potential for action becomes more clear.

The respondents also recorded an average score over 80 for an improvement in transparency in pricing of medical services (82.95). That response was also slightly higher than the response to the same topic in November (81.31).

Switching to immigration policy, investors expressed the greatest support for a comprehensive immigration policy (76.67), with a three-point increase in that response from November (73.56). Likewise, the response for a solution to DACA (the Dreamers Act for children born in America to illegal immigrants), was at 71.77, and that was higher than the response in November (68.99).

In the case of both health care and immigration, the only topic that did not see a higher level of interest was in border wall funding, which was below 50.00 in November at 46.30, and dropped to 43.04 in December.

Spectrem’s Tracking the 2020 Election results are available to Wealthy Investor Series and Wealth Spectrem subscribers, and are updated monthly.



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