July 1, 2015 Affluent Investor Facts


July 1, 2015 Fact of the Day:  Who are the Millennials?


The U.S. Census estimates that there are 80 million Millennials in this country, which makes them the largest generation of investors since the Baby Boomers, and potentially, the wealthiest generation in U.S. history.   





Based on recent Spectrem research and analysis, we’ve identified five distinct Millenial Investor groups, or Personas.  These personas vary on multiple dimensions, including demographics, wealth status and investment philosophy.

Did you know that the group we categorize as Climbers, are the most likely to hold high profile jobs, often associated with high incomes?  This is the most aggressive persona group among all Millenials; and they like having an advisor to help them manage their assets, but also worry a lot regarding how things like government gridlock might affect their wealth. 

Other investor groups analyzed in this report on MillenialsPersonas include the “Worrier Group.”  The “On My Own” Group.  The “Family Matters” Group.  And the “No Worries” group. 


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