Wealthy Women Investors Are Younger, Smarter and More Adventurous than Men - KNSS Radio, January 15, 2015


NEW YORK) — No doubt about it. Female investors whose household incomes exceed $200,000 have a leg up on their male counterparts in just about every area.

The Spectrem Group, a research and analysis organization for financial advisers that put together the study, says that while the average age of high-income men is 63, it’s only 50 for women on average.
Is it because women are smarter? That could very well be since 93 percent of high-income women have a college education with just 75 percent of men able to make the same claim.
Meanwhile, the percentage of high-income women and men with advanced degrees is 35 percent to 13 percent, respectively.
And as far as taking more risks with their portfolios, women are the hands-down winners once more. While just 32 percent of men say they’d be willing to take a risk, 54 percent of women were not fearful of doing so.
George H. Walper Jr., president of the Spectrem Group, explains that the advantage continually goes to women investors because many “are business owners and are accustomed to making their own decisions.”


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