Is the Pandemic Over?


As mask restrictions begin to disappear, a new strain of Covid-19 is allegedly spreading across the country.  Will the pandemic ever end?  And what do investors think about Covid-19?  Is it still impacting their investment choices?

While Covid-19 has fallen off the list of key concerns for investors to be replaced by issues such as inflation, investors still have mixed opinions regarding whether or not Covid-19 is still an issue over which they should be concerned.

Investors believe that the pandemic will be an ongoing issue for many years to come.  There are some specific segments, specifically Professionals, IT workers and Democrats who believe the pandemic will stick around.


Despite the belief that the pandemic is not gone 65% of investors are more open to meeting face-to-face than in the past two years.  Yet some investors (36%) indicate they are more likely to use companies that have stringent Covid-19 policies.  Seventy percent of Professionals (including doctors) are more likely to seek providers with stringent protocols.

Financial advisors should reach out to investors and see if they are ready to meet face-to-face.  While some may be hesitant, others will be very ready to meet in-person.  It’s a good idea to identify your firm’s Covid-19 protocols and be open to wearing a mask should your client so desire.