High Income Women Personal Concerns


A study of high income women in America reveals they look at many aspects of life differently than other investors do.

Spectrem’s new e-zine High Income Women Investors examines the attitudes and concerns of women with a personal income of $200,000 or more or those with a household income of $400,000 or more.

The study shows that high income women are more often employed in their own privately held business than other affluent investors. Sixteen percent of high income women work in privately held businesses while only 4 percent of the overall affluent investor population does. Many of the women studied are business owners and as such have a more personal financial approach to their business and personal goals than other investors.

Among a series of 10 personal concerns, in only two areas do high income women surpass the general affluent investor population, and in some areas their concern is far below the other affluent investor population. While only 25 percent of other affluent investors report a concern over financial their children’s education, 47 percent of high income women have that listed as a concern. The only other personal concern in which high income women report a higher percentage of concern is their responsibility for aging parents, 57 percent to 51 percent among the general population of investors.

There are several areas where high income women have far less concern than the general population of investors, including financing the education of their grandchildren. Only 20 percent of high income women report that as a concern to 34 percent of the rest of the affluent investor group.

Their concern for personal health is also far below that of other investors. Only 52 percent list their own health as a concern compared to 62 percent of other investors, and only 46 percent are concerned about spending their final days in a care facility, compared to 56 percent of other investors.

Only 39 percent are worried about having someone to care for them in their old age, against 51 percent of the general population of investors.

It is also interesting that high income women are less concerned about the health of their spouse than other investors, 53 percent to 66 percent.


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