What Do Americans Agree On?


It only takes a few minutes on social media or chatting with a friend at the grocery store while masked that there are very few topics that Americans agree upon in 2020.  There are unprecedented levels of disagreement in our country on a great number of topics.  Many are even wondering, is there any subject that the majority of individuals agree upon?  Recent research from Spectrem Group shows there are a few different topics that the majority of investors agree upon.

When asked about the level of support on a large number of topics on a 0-100 point scale, with 0 being not at all supportive and 100 being fully supportive, there are only a few topics that investors give an average score above 70.  There are many topics that are very divisive where some rank the agreement very highly and others rank it very low. 


One of the topics that investors give an average agreement score of over 70 to is the subject of a solution to reduce the price of prescription drugs.  Now there isn’t agreement upon how these topics will be addressed, there is simply an agreement that the subject needs to be addressed.  This topic is even more important to older investors, with Baby Boomers and WWII investors indicating support of this topic with an average score over 80.

Another topic that comes with a large amount of agreement among individuals is another health related topic.  Transparency in pricing of medical services is the topic that has the highest average support score at 81.64.  Not being able to tell clearly what you are paying for and how medical expenses are being processed are among some of the most frustrating things for Americans.  Investors who are retired are more supportive of this topic being addressed than those who are still working.

A comprehensive immigration policy and clean energy are also topics that the majority of investors agree with.  What type of immigration policy would be vastly different among different investors, as would how individuals believe we should accomplish clean energy.  Just because there is an agreement regarding the fact that a topic needs to be addressed does not mean there is any agreement regarding HOW the topic should be addressed.

Knowing the subjects that the majority of investors agree upon can be some topics that financial professionals can discuss with clients without running the risk of alienating their clients.  Topics that go beyond that financial professionals may want to approach with caution, as there is not clear agreement among investors regarding most other subjects that could be brought up.