UHNW Charitable Giving


A Spectrem Group study of affluent investors from 2013 showed that among Ultra High Net Worth investors with a net worth between $5 million and $25 million, 64 percent gave less than $10,000 to charitable causes. Twenty-seven percent gave more than $10,000 and 5 percent gave more than $25,000.

In 2013, giving increased for education by 7.4 percent, for the arts and humanities by 6.3 percent, and for health organizations by 4.5 percent. Giving to religious groups dropped by 1.56 percent and social services groups had only a slight 0.7 rise in gifts.

In total, religion still gets the biggest share of total giving, with 31 percent in 2013. Education gets 16 percent to rank second and human services gets 12 percent to rank third.

"While this has been a particularly slow recovery, many charities are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel," Carlson said. "Donors are increasingly more comfortable giving to the causes they care about and at a level in keeping with the impact they would like to make."

Young investors appear to be more charitable than older ones. The Millionaire Corner study showed that 24 percent of investors under the age of 45 gave at least $25,000 to charity in 2013 while only 2 percent of those over 64 gave that much. Only 4 percent of investors between the ages of 55-64 gave at least $25,000 and 7 percent of those between the ages of 55-64 gave that much.



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