National Concerns of the $25 Million Plus Investor


There are a host of national issues of concern to America’s wealthy ranging from the political environment and government gridlock to the national debt, the federal deficit and the prolonged economic downturn. So say America’s ultra-high net worth households, according to Spectrem Group’s wealth level research of homes with a net worth between $5 million and $24.9 million (not including primary residence). But America’s ultra-wealthy, the $25 Million Plus households, are focused mainly on two things, taxes and stock market conditions.

A new Spectrem Group wealth level study finds that roughly two-thirds of ultra-wealthy households with a net worth of $25 million are most concerned about these two issues.

Concern is heightened among Baby Boomers ages 55-65.  Nearly eight-in-ten (77 percent) report they are concerned about taxes (vs. 68 percent of seniors 66 and up and 55 percent of those under the age of 55); while seven-in-ten said they are primarily concerned about stock market conditions (vs. 64 percent of seniors and 57 percent of those \under 55).

Across wealth levels, concern about taxes and stock market conditions are heightened among the least wealthy of the $25 Million Plus households. Among the two-thirds overall who state they are most focused on these issues, roughly three-fourths have a net worth between $25 million and $49.9 million.


Eighty-five percent of ultra-wealthy respondents’ 2013 pretax income comes from investment income, including interest dividends, trust income and capital gains, the Spectrem Group study finds.


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