Investors Credit Hard Work for Wealth



Spectrem Group’s study Financial Attitudes and Concerns asked investors to select all of the factors that led to their wealth level. The study included Ultra High Net Worth investors with a net worth between $5 million and $25 million.

“Hard work’’ was chosen by over 95 percent (96) of UHNW investors.  “Education’’ was selected by 94 percent of UHNW investors, and 88 percent selected “smart investing.”

Eight-in-ten investors said “frugality’’ and 70 percent said “taking risk’’ were factors in obtaining wealth.

Among the choices selected by less than 60 percent, 58 percent said “being in the right place at the right time’’ was a factor in wealth creation, and 55 percent said “luck’’ had something to do with it.

Only 36 percent of UHNW investors said “decisions made by my financial advisor’’ contributed to their wealth creation, and only 31 percent said “inheritance’’ helped get them where they are. The factors credited the least included, 28 percent said “running my own business’’ led to wealth creation, and an extremely low 8 percent said “family connections’’ was responsible for a portion of their wealth creation.


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