Investors and Exercise


Only 2 percent of investors say they “never exercise” while 19 percent say they “rarely exercise”.  The largest group of investors, however, does exercise to some extent.  Recent Spectrem Group research indicates that 79 percent of investors exercise at least once a week.  In fact, 35 percent exercise four to six days each week and 9 percent exercise daily.

Gym memberships are not used as much as expected.  Only 25 percent of investors exercise at a gym while most exercise either at home or outside.  Thirty five percent of investors exercise outdoors, and among those ages 51 to 60, that percentage increases to 42 percent.  (Of course, if those investors live in the snowy northern part of the country, they have been dissuaded from exercise this year.)  Another 32 percent of investors exercise at home.  As income decreases, the likelihood of exercising at home increases.

What types of exercise are the most popular with investors?

             -80 percent participates in walking.

            -23 percent pursues weight-lifting

            -19 percent is involved in swimming

            -16 percent uses an elliptical machine

            -12 percent chooses yoga, and

            - 10 percent plays sports

Other activities included workout DVDs(8 percent), jogging (7 percent), running (5 percent), Pilates (4 percent) and Jazzercise (3 percent). 


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