Generation X Investors and their Thoughts on Retirement



Spectrem Group’s study Generation X Marks the Spot shows that 62 percent of Generation X investors believe their current income level will allow them to live comfortably in retirement. Seven-in-ten Baby Boomers feel that way and over eighty percent of World War II investors.

The opposite exists when investors are asked about the future.

Sixty-four percent of Gen X investors believe their financial situation will improve over the next year. More than half of Baby Boomers feel their situation will improve, and again, the World War II investors are fairly set in their lives and only 45 percent expect their financial situation to improve in the coming year.

In Spectrem Group’s study Retirement Income Gap Solution investors with a net retirement savings portfolio of $300,000 were asked about their attitudes toward retirement. Among those that were still working, 65 percent said they planned to maintain their current lifestyle in retirement, while 11 percent disagreed.

Among retired investors, only 12 percent said they were living below the lifestyle they had planned for retirement.



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