What News Stories are Impacting Affluent Investors' Economic Outlook


In the years since the economic collapse, Affluent investors have taken a more self-directed role in doing independent financial and investment research, subscribing to additional financial publications and frequenting more financial websites, according to Spectrem Group research.

They are, understandably, keeping close tabs on the news. Which news stories do Affluent investors say are most impacting their current economic outlook? Not surprisingly, the highest percentage (15 percent) said stock market conditions. This is up from 9 percent three months ago, when this survey question was last asked, and is a response to the market volatility in the New Year.  Last month, Affluent investors said that market conditions was the one factor most affecting their current investment plans.

Affluent investors are also closely following news stories about unemployment. The unemployment rate dipped to 6.6 percent, its lowest level in more than five years, according to the government’s January jobs report. But analysts attribute that decline in part to Americans dropping out of the work force,

The other most impactful news stories, Affluent investors report, are the political environment (9 percent) and health care (8 percent).


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