Affluent Investor Confidence Declines in February


Despite market volatility, Affluent investors began the New Year with an upbeat mindset, but February has seen a confidence course correction, as reflected in a decline in the Spectrem Affluent Investor Confidence Index (SAICI®), which dropped 9 points to -2, a four-month low. The Spectrem Millionaire Investor Confidence Index (SMICI®) dropped 12 points to 5, the most severe month-to-month drop since last October, when the SMICI fell 15 points.

The Spectrem Affluent Investor indices measure the investment confidence and outlook of households with more than $500,000 of investable assets and more than $1 million of investable assets, respectively. At the time the February indices were compiled, the market was experiencing sell-offs due a wide range of economic issues dominating financial news, including volatility in emerging markets and continued uncertainty about what—if-any—further actions the Federal Reserve would take under new Chair Janet Yellen regarding its stimulus program.

Affluent investors surveyed by Spectrem Group indicated a decline in confidence in several financial factors that impact their daily lives, including the direction of the economy, household assets and household income.


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