Top 3 Investor Website Demands


Financial advisors and providers spend a significant amount of time and energy developing their websites with the hope that investors will find the information useful and will continue to return to the site. What types of information are investors presently looking for during the current recessionary period?

Spectrem Group recently asked investors what they wanted to see more of from their financial advisor, especially during this time of market volatility. The top three items included the following:

Suggestions for how to invest in a bear market. With interest rates rising and equity markets falling, investors want their financial advisors and providers to provide suggestions on the best ways to address the current markets.

Recommendations to purchase specific investments. Investors want to see recommendations regarding various companies and investments. While tricky to list on a website, high level website information may lead to interesting discussions with investors via telephone or face-to-face.

Predictions about where the stock market will be in 6-12 months. Articles and videos with predictions regarding where your firm predicts the market will be in 6-12 months are of interest to investors.

As you can see, other topics of interest to investors include how to create and manage a financial plan, basic investment information, analysis of economic trends as well as advice on multiple other topics.

Almost 40 percent of investors indicated that if their advisor/provider does not provide the information identified above, they would consider moving their assets to another provider. This is especially true for younger investors.

Financial advisors and providers must continually update their websites and communicate with investors in numerous ways to meet the expectations of investors.