Contrasting Investors' Behaviors, 2008 Versus 2020

In the past 15 years, investors have lived through two recessions, Spectrem's President, George Walper Jr. compares and contrasts these recessions in a report published in the November/December edition for the Investment and Wealth Monitor.  Comparing and contrasting investor attitudes and behaviors from the 2008 economic crisis to the 2020 pandemic reveals several important differences.  Client expectations of their financial professional has also changed significantly from 2008 to 2020.  This report contrasts these two historic economic events so financial professionals can understand the new expectations of wealthy investors.

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The Ingredients to Wealth Accumulation

There are numerous ways in which a person can obtain wealth. But there are factors that lead to individual wealth. Some of them are inherent, such as receiving an inheritance. But most others come from the way a person lives, and the methods they employ to add to their personal financial standing.

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Wealthy Investors and the Election: A Guide for Financial Advisors in 2020 - January

Spectrem research indicates that investors generally become skittish during election years and 2020 promises to be no different. While it is easy for financial advisors to ignore the election and continue to advise clients just as they would in the normal course of events, the amount of media attention and other “noise” regarding political issues creates uncertainty for investors.

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