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25 Million Plus Investors

$25 Million Plus Investor – America’s Wealthiest Households

Investors with over $25 Million in net worth are a highly sought-after, yet not often fully understood investor segment. These ultra-wealthy investors have unique needs and expectations that must be understood in order to gain their trust and their business. These investors often are dealing with multi-generational wealth that involves entire families, not just a single individual. Spectrem Group provides insights into this hard-to-reach investor and details their expectations of advisors, product ownership, and social media usage, allowing firms to tailor their approach to attract this segment of investors.

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$25 Million Plus Investors 2021

Investors with a net worth in excess of $25 million are one of the most sought-after clients in the financial services industry. These individuals need very unique and specific guidance and

assistance in managing their wealth.
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The Wealthiest Americans: $25 Million Plus Investors - 2018

The Wealthiest Americans: $25 Million Plus Investors - 2018 is the sixth in a series since 2007. Twenty-five million plus investors remain the most sought-after clients in the financial services industry. These individuals and families need guidance and assistance in managing their wealth, as well as support and direction in all facets of their life. Business succession and estate planning are critical to these investors. Interest in alternative investments and other emerging investment products make this segment unique from other less wealthy households. The complexities of multi-generational wealth planning and asset transfer provide a unique opportunity for qualified financial service providers.

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