Wealth Market Reports

Down to the Last Detail: Setting Your Financial Affairs in Order

Down to the Last Detail surveyed investors regarding the financial details they were privy to as they worked with a loved one that passed away, as well as investors who are currently assisting a loved one in preparing for their eventual passing. It is a guide for advisors to determine where clients stand in their own preparation for a day they know will come eventually.

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The Financial Impact of Military Involvement

According to the Department of Defense, there are over 1.3 million people in active duty

military today. That makes the Department of Defense the largest employer in the United
States. Spectrem research has historically shown that occupation impacts investment behavior,
decisions and preferences, so it is important for financial providers and advisors to fully
understand the behaviors of employees of the largest employer in the United States.
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High Income Millennials

What’s next for Millennials? As this generation ages, their financial attitudes and behaviors will shape investing and economics for decades to come, so understanding the forces which influence their decisions benefits professionals who work with this new set of investors.

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Ethnic Influences on Investment Decisions

Nearly every person is influenced in some way by their cultural heritage and background, and that influence can certainly carry over into matters related to personal finance and economics. This Spectrem Perspective takes steps toward understanding the influences.

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2019 Comprehensive Bank Trust Update

Spectrem's annual trust report reviews the growth of the trust industry, the growth and usage of collective investment funds as well as assets managed by institutional trustees.  New this year - wealth management services.

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Legacy 2.0: Baby Boomers and Inheritances

The second edition in Spectrem’s Legacy series will focus on affluent Baby Boomers planning their own wealth transfer and the mindset they had upon receiving an inheritance from their parents or others earlier in their life.

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