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The Financial Differences of Investors Based on Geography

A close examination of the people of the United States will show that there are differences in many aspects of life based on where you are raised and where you live. And those differences can sometimes show up in unexpected ways, like when discussing financial matters.


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The Finances of Military Families

There are numerous financial benefits to joining the military, including student loan forgiveness, allowances for housing and subsistence, and extra income for service in the most dangerous posts.  There are also enlistment bonuses and income tax forgiveness, which is extended as an incentive toward military service.


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Information Sources For Generation X

Cable programming remains a very popular source of information for wealthy investors, especially Generation X investors, for whom cable access was a hot commodity in their younger years and who have not yet weened themselves off cable programming for information on investment opportunities.


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Deciding A Course Of Action

 There is very little certainty anymore about the American economy and financial prospects, with global trade remaining in flux and political matters weighing heavily upon every decision the American householder makes.


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Investor Outlook For Economy Keeps Dropping

There are four components to the monthly Spectrem Household Outlook, and three of them rose for a second consecutive month in October.

But investors cannot shake their uncertainty regarding the economy, and indicate such in their responses for the Spectrem survey.


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Investor Confidence Suffers A Slow Leak

       The stock market indices remain near record highs, so something else is bothering investors. Both the domestic political atmosphere and geopolitical economic and governmental policies remain in flux, which could be the reason why investor confidence has waned slightly.


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How Millennials Communicate

With the possibility of other Millennials, no one is going to suggest Millennials are easy to communicate with. Part of the problem is the manner in which Millennials communicate.


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Investing In Something New

Occasionally, a new company comes along that promises an innovative product or service, and investing in that company becomes all the rage among investors who like to take a chance on a start-up company.


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The Financial Goal Of Parenting

One of the primary financial goals for most parents is to provide their children with a better life than their parents had.

As goals go, it’s a nice aim. It is not always achieved.


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