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The Role Risk Tolerance Plays

A dozen different factors – perhaps more – go into determining the risk tolerance of an investor.

In simple terms, the greater the asset growth an investor wants, the riskier will be that investor’s investment decisions. Going the other way, the more an investor is concerned about maintaining their current level of assets, the less risky that investor is going to be in his or her investment decisions.


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How Investors Make Portfolio Decisions

Active investors make numerous decisions about their portfolio annually, and some alter their portfolio weekly. With each of those decisions, dozens of factors play a role influencing which direction the investor takes and which products he or she buys or sells.

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President's Blog - What Were You THINKING?
“Let me start by asking you a few questions.”

That is a sentence an advisor might say to a new investor to determine what their intentions are related to investing and making future financial plans. The same sentence might be said to an investor who only makes an occasional visit with an advisor, perhaps a once-a-year type. 

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How To Educate Millennials

Millennial investors are not much different than older investors in that they want to be knowledgeable or educated about investment products and services. It is in the way they become educated that Millennials and Gen X investors fly in a different circle than Baby Boomer or World War II counterparts.


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DC Participants Could Use Some Educating

Numerous national studies have indicated that Americans suffer from a lack of financial literacy. Beyond the basics of balancing a checkbook (20th century) to understanding fees on debit and charge cards (21st century), Americans are not particularly wise in the ways of handling money.

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Market May Be Too Good To Be True

The stock market continued to climb through September, effectively maintaining the 10-year bull market that followed the Great Recession and led to a rebound that sent the market higher than it has ever been.

But affluent investors seemed to have some idea that the stock market could not maintain the record climb it has been on in recent months. 

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