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Sometimes, Divorce Does Not End A Relationship

When a marriage ends in divorce, many relationships in a person’s life often change. In-laws who may have been friendly at one point can become strangers, and children can be pulled in one direction or the other. In order to avoid unwanted run-ins with the former spouse, divorced people may be forced to find new accountants, dentists and doctors.

And financial advisors.


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Retired Investors Not Done Learning Just Yet

New retirees simply are not done living just because they retire. They are not done earning money, they are not done spending money and they are not done investing money.

They are also not done learning about how to invest money and make the most of their portfolio in retirement.


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President's Blog - Financial Advisors Should Not Ignore Insurance

The job of a financial advisor is to provide guidance to their clients regarding the proper investment decisions that will increase the client’s assets. A wise advisor will also suggest ways in which an investor can protect his or her investments against the specious and uncertain nature of the stock market, the American economy and the frightening threat of nature.

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Politics, Markets Are The Challenges Today

As part of Spectrem’s monthly Confidence Index report, investors in March were asked “What is the most serious threat to achieving your household financial goals at this time?”. The responses were mostly split between politics and the stock market. And the history of the question shows that those two factors are more impactful today than in past months and years.

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Why Won't You Refer Me To Others?

Not all satisfied financial advisor clients offer referrals to friends, family or business associates. It’s not exactly hit-or-miss, but it is surprising the percentage of affluent and wealthy investors who do NOT refer their advisor to others.

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Retired Investors Consider Tax Laws, Politics

Spectrem’s new study into the relationship between governance and investors displays the reaction retired investors have to the changes in the tax laws and the nation’s political climate. Politics, Taxes and Investors’ Changing Attitudes asked investors about the new tax regulations and their opinions regarding the partisan state of American politics in 2018.


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Stock Market Investors Know What They Are Getting Into

The current political environment and the proactive nature of Donald Trump’s administration have produced severe ups and downs in the stock market, even as numbers continue to rise over time.


But there are so many outside forces that can impact stock prices - outside forces investors cannot anticipate – that stock market investing is just not a sure thing.


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