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Where Working and Retired Investors Disagree

While November produced a mixed bag of opinions from working investors about the immediate future of investing in America, the month did not go well for retired investors.

Spectrem’s Investor Confidence Index showed a drop of confidence among Millionaires and an increase of confidence among non-Millionaires, but the same index for retired investors showed a decrease in investment interest in all of the equity markets. 

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President's Blog: Should Advisors Care?
A significant percentage of affluent investors do not use financial advisors. 

What constitutes “significant”? Among Millionaire investors with a net worth between $1 million and $5 million, “significant’’ means 25 percent. 

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Millionaires Cautiously Pessimistic

The stock market continues its historic rise, but the future remains murky as the federal government tries to alter its tax laws. Millionaires are responding with cautious pessimism.

According to the November Spectrem Millionaire Confidence Index (SMICI®), more investors with $1 million in investable assets are choosing to stand pat with investments rather than increase their exposure.

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Blog - First World Concerns: Healthcare and Tax Reform and ...?

There’s a lot to worry about this Holiday Season and wealthy households are not immune to these concerns.  But let’s be honest.  For the most part these are “first world” concerns……and they reflect the fact that overall, most investors are feeling pretty optimistic about the economy as 2017 comes to an end.

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Investor Confidence Not So Confident in November

There is always something to fret over in the American economy, isn’t there?


For many months, the issue was a proposed change in the health care insurance standards for the country. When that effort failed, the government turned its eye to tax reform. Investors did also, and their attitude toward investing for the next month likely reflects the uncertainty of the effects of the proposed new tax plans. 

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Millionaire Millennials Now Matter

Spectrem’s Market Insights report stated there are 10.8 million millionaires in America in 2017, an increase of 400,000 Millionaires since the 2016 report.

It figures that a good percentage of those new Millionaires are young Millionaires.

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