Articles for Advisors

Solving Retirement Concerns Online

 It is never too early to begin discussing retirement plans with clients, but many clients may be reluctant to begin the conversation because they just don’t know what to ask.

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Are Your Clients Prepared For The Inevitable?

From a financial standpoint, being prepared often means saving for future needs. Among those citizens who have the financial wherewithal to fund accounts that place assets in safe and prosperous places for when those assets are needed, being prepared is relatively easy. 


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Comparing Crashes

 Comparing the financial and economic losses of the Great Recession to the losses from the Corona Crash will take many years of study.

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The Declining Impact of Hard Work

American children are almost all taught the lesson that hard work leads to success, and for most affluent investors in the country, hard work played a role in their current financial success. Education is also given maximum credit by most investors, and they also often point to their investing decisions, whether they did them on their own or had the help of an advisor.

But a study by Spectrem Group indicates that hard work may not be the necessary ingredient to success it was always thought to be.


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Communicating With Your Retired Clients

Spectrems affluent and wealthy investors communicate with their financial advisor. Between texting and social media, the practice of communicating with each other has become increasingly easy and immediate, assuming the person you are communicating with is holding on to his or her smartphone.

But retired investors may not be holding on to their smartphones, assuming they have one to hold on to.


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Investors Consider Joe Biden

From a Democratic viewpoint, Biden has long been judged one of the best opponents to face President Donald Trump, and most investors have also considered Biden to be a better economic choice than Sanders, who ran on a Democratic socialist platform.


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Blog: Good News!...and then the Bad

Since before the onset of the century, Spectrem Group has been determining the size of the wealth market at the end of each year. At the end of 2019, the number of Millionaires in the United States reach an all-time high of 11 million households. Not surprisingly all wealth segments reached their all-time high levels as well.

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Coronavirus Reduces Millionaire Count

Millions of Americans have been impacted financially by the coronavirus, and billions of dollars have been lost in wages, salaries, investment income and portfolio value.

In fact, this crash of the stock market and the economic recession caused by the virus is the most significant ever in the United States in terms of dollars lost, simply because there were more people with more money to lose.


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Generational Attitudes Toward The Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic accentuated some generational attitudes early on, when there was uncertainty among the population that it was indeed a serious issue. Initially, Millennials were blamed for continuing their social lives, while senior citizens were put to panic because the virus was more fatal for older people.


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