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Educating Millennials

Millennial investors are not much different than older investors in that they want to be knowledgeable or educated about investment products and services. It is in the way they become educated that Millennials and Gen X investors fly in a different circle than Baby Boomer or World War II counterparts.


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Budget? Who Needs A Budget?

It would be difficult to argue against the value of having a family budget. The process of determining a family’s income and expenditures, measuring the family needs versus the family desires, making a plan to save money for a later date, all sound like wise financial moves.

So why do so few affluent investors operate with a family budget?

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How Important Is An Inheritance?

In researching affluent investors, Spectrem regularly asks those investors what factors led to their current level of wealth. One of the answer choices offered is “inheritance’’ and there was a wide range of responses from investors who state that the gift from a family member who passed on led to their current wealth level.

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Pensioners Want More Than Their Money

 Millions of Americans are covered by pensions, and as a result have a jump start on their retirement income, which provides a corresponding comfort zone other American workers do not enjoy.

Of those pensioners, many pay close attention to what the pension board does with the funds, as well as what they don’t do with the funds. Considering the value the pension has for many American workers, it makes sense that they would pay close heed to the transactions the pension board conducts.


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Making Contact When the Market Erupts

American financial experts like to remind investors all the time that “It’s The Economy, Stupid”, but in the winter of 2018, it was the global economy which drove the American stock market to act with remarkable volatility.

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President's Blog - Proactive or Pest?

On June 9, President Donald Trump attended the G7 summit in Canada, where he irritated leaders from the other countries involved, most of whom have been long-standing and willing trade partners with the United States. The meeting ended with a round of name-calling between Trump and the other leaders, as well as what may be the first-ever argument between the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Canada. 

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Socially Responsible, Socially Irresponsible

Some investors want to use their investable assets to send a message. There are investors who invest heavily into companies which openly support socially conscious causes, such as the environment, taking a proactive approach to investing in order to promote a cause.

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