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What Pensioners Want - Besides Their Money

Millions of Americans are covered by pensions, and as a result have a jump start on their retirement income, which provides a corresponding comfort zone other American workers do not enjoy.

Of those pensioners, many pay close attention to what the pension board does with the funds, as well as what they don’t do with the funds. Considering the value the pension has for many American workers, it makes sense that they would pay close heed to the transactions the pension board conducts.

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The Portfolios of Retired and Working Investors

 A working investor builds a portfolio with an eye toward growth, security and income, and along the way acquires a diversified collection of assets in the form of investment products and services.

When that working investor retires, he often divests his portfolio of products he no longer needs, and which no longer serve the financial purposes of his life. 

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How Millennials Divvy Up Their Dough

 No one wants to stereotype against Millennials, but they are different from people from previous generations.

They grew up with computers and easily accessed smartphone technology when it moved into vogue. Early in their adulthood, many Millennials had to deal with a tremendous economic recession.

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When Plan Participants Go Elsewhere For Advice

Investors who participate in a defined contribution 401(k) with an eye toward retirement can use a financial advisor aligned with that DC plan provider or an advisor from outside the provider.

The difference is a point of personal preference. It is the difference between having one point of contact for investment considerations and having more than one. 

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Do Your Clients Understand Their Pension?

Most pension members consider themselves to be fairly knowledgeable about investing and their pension program details, but in reality, their knowledge level falls short. Most cannot identify if their pension is fully funded, the recent returns of the fund, or the current investment direction of the fund.

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How To Reach Millennials

People from different generations communicate differently from each other, and certainly that causes difficulty in communicating with each other. But communicating with and getting information to Millennials is a key aspect of an advisor’s job, and communicating with Millennials is just different than it was communicating with baby Boomers or even Gen Xers.

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