Articles for Advisors

When It Must Be The Advisor

There are times when an investor places a call in order to arrange a meeting with their advisor and they are just fine making that arrangement with a member of the advisor’s office staff. But when they need to discuss a key investment decision, that investor is going to want to talk to the advisor and no one else.

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Foreign Poison

In Spectrem’s monthly confidence index survey, it asks investors with $500,000 in investable assets one question that rotates quarterly. In May, the question was “What story in the news is most affecting your economic outlook?” and the response was overwhelming: 55 percent said international problems were the most affecting news story.

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The Media Investors Utilize

Investors can read articles or blogs, listen to radio broadcasts, or watch television shows, and while much of that media is provided for entertainment, some of it is provided for intellectual stimulation, or to provide information we need to make vital decisions in our lives. 

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Blog: Semi-Retired, and It Feels So Good!
The most recent report that crossed my path is that Millennials are finding it more difficult to get the job they want because Baby Boomers are not retiring like they are supposed to.

Whether the complaint is warranted is uncertain to me, but I am aware that many people who are at what was once called “retirement age" just aren’t retiring.  

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Modern Communicating With Investors

The more you communicate with investors, the happier they are and the more satisfied they are with your service.

Simple enough, right?

Except communication is not that simple anymore.

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President's Blog: Inheritance Advice? No, Thanks

Many investors have gone through the process as an inheritance beneficiary. They know what it is like to receive a sizable inheritance. They know the complications that can arise.

And many of them know the benefits of working with an advisor, both in receiving an inheritance and creating their own estate plan and wealth transfer details.

But many chose not to get professional advice about handling their inheritance.

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