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Considering Tariffs (Perhaps For The First Time)

It is possible that investors have gone their entire lives without thinking about the penalty placed upon goods which enter the United States from other countries, as well as the penalty American companies pay when their goods are shipped overseas. But that is no longer the case.

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How Inheritance Impacts Advisor Usage

Receiving a sizable inheritance can provide relief to some and provide stability and future comfort to others. Its effect will be unique to each person who receives the lump sum, and its effect can extend beyond the inheritor to family members and friends.

For some investors, receiving a sizable inheritance can create a new need for a financial advisor, or cause investors to change or add advisors to their personal stable of professionals.


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Blog - The Wealth Management Gap

I used to watch “Dynasty” and “Dallas” in the 1980’s.  Because of that my perceptions of wealthy households were based on J. R. Ewing and the Carringtons.   

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Investors In Holding Pattern

More than one-third of investors see no need to change their investment strategy over the next 12 months, neither adding or subtracting from their investment funding.

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When Should We Talk About Mid-Terms?

Talking politics has always been a dicey decision, but the topic has become so divisive in America that everyone approaches political conversation carefully, and many people avoid it altogether in public and social settings.

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Investor Outlook Reaches 13-Month Low

The Spectrem Household Outlook, which is designed to measure an investor’s optimism about four financial components in their daily lives, reached a 13-month low in July, as investors registered their reaction to a long series of international economic and political events.

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President's Blog - Taking Your Client’s Temperature

A chatty advisor might start a meeting with a friendly investor by saying “So, how are you feeling?” 

For advisors, that question needs to be more than just a conversation-starter. The investor response needs to be followed with the question, “No, really, how are you feeling?” 
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