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How Advisor Dependency Changes

The degree to which investors depend upon their financial advisor is changing, as more investors lean upon the advice of their advisor than in the past.


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President's Letter - How to Avoid Losing Clients Post-Pandemic

In 2008 and 2009, many investors were angry with their advisor. However, few investors chose to change advisors until 2010. Based upon Spectrem’s historical research, most investors have long-term relationships with their advisors and only 7-8 percent change advisors within a given year.

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Recession Fears Slowly Dissapate

In 2019, the fear was a significant downturn in the market, and a comparable downturn in the economy.

In 2020, with the advance of the coronavirus, the market downturn occurred, and fear of a recession became rampant.

That fear still exists among most investors, but it is dampening a bit.


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Investors Rate Their Own Loyalty

Loyalty is a personality trait humans share with most other living creatures. It is a feeling of allegiance and support, and comes with family relationships and friendship.

It also plays a huge role in commerce, including the financial advisory industry.


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Blog - Are We Really

It’s troubling to try to write a blog about financial issues on a day like today.   I’m a little upset because I’ve been called all kinds of names on social media over the weekend for merely posting a comment inferring that as horrible as George Floyd’s death and his treatment may have been, that rioting and looting isn’t the solution.  

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Dow Jones Projections, Then and Now

 As part of its special year-long study, Investors and the Election: A Guide For Financial Advisors in 2020, investors were asked to make predictions about how the election will impact the Dow Jones Industrial Average number.

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How Retirement Impacts Investing Interest

 Retirees likely (hopefully!) have made all the correct decisions prior to retiring, so that they do not need to concern themselves daily with the machinations or performance of their portfolio.

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Investors Who Do Not Use Advisors

 People who want to see their assets grow but choose not to use a financial advisor for that purpose are set in their ways, and have beliefs that are difficult to change. 

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Technology Preferences For Plan Participants

Considering the importance of the assets plan participants place in their defined contribution accounts, it is perhaps a bit odd that they do not pay closer attention to those funds.

But it may be that those days are over. Plan participants have so many ways to access information about their accounts and many are taking advantage of the opportunities presented to them.


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