Articles for Advisors

The Portfolios of Retired Investors

When financial advisors consider the potential of investors as valuable clients, they think about the growth that exists in the income of working investors as they move through the professional ranks of their careers.

But it is important for advisors to remember that while retired investors have reached their economic potential from an income standpoint, they are holding on to a great deal of investable assets that can be used to create greater financial security, not only for the retiree but for that investor’s family as well.


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Is It Over Yet?

When a new year comes, we must change the last two digits of the year when we write down the date, and we have to prepare to be one year older.

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The Investors Who Appreciate Real Estate

When the stock market runs through a volatile period, some investors look elsewhere for a more solid and stable investment product.

Investment opportunities rarely get more stable than real estate.


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It's Time To Make A Move

A majority of wealthy investors prefer to create an investment plan and stick to it. The more active strategy is popular among extremely knowledgeable investors who like to try to beat the markets, but most investors are happy seeing their investments grow over time.

But the way the stock market has acted in recent months, combined with the uncertainty of government stability, has created a desire to shake things up.


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The Primary Reason For Investing

Spectrem’s study Primary Objective of Portfolio looks into the three general motivations – Growth, Income and Security – for which investors invest, and then identifies the types of investors who focus on each of those three objectives. From there, it is easy to understand why investors move from one objective to another over time.


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President's Blog - Riding the Winds of Change

For the next two years, the Democratic Party is in the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. The U.S. Senate remains controlled by the Republican Party, but the split between legislative influences is certain to have an effect on investment opportunities.

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Giving When The Giving Is Easy

Donating funds to charitable organizations is a good practice. For people with a comparable wealth of disposable income, donating a portion of that unassigned money to people in need is the definition of a good deed.


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Blog - Does Money Increase Your Happiness?

It’s a simple question but fraught with potentially inflammatory results.  If one claims that money makes them happy that person could be deemed shallow or selfish.  Most people I have met will say “family and friends make me happy” but money certainly doesn’t hurt.  And then you will have others who proclaim that money is the source of all evil. 

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