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The Difficult Decisions Behind Long-Term Care Insurance

The question investors must ask themselves is “Do I want to pay now for long-term care insurance or pay a whole lot more later?” For most investors, long-term care insurance is not the option they choose, with many believing they can handle the cost of long-term care through other savings or future income vehicles.


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The International Avenue to Investing

There is no indication global economic confusion has prompted investors to back away from the stock market or other investment products. Investing with an eye toward global diversification will continue unabated.

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The Competition Among Robo-Advisors

America has moved past the surprise that there are online services which offer investment advice online through algorithms without the aid or supplement of human thought or advice.

According to Spectrem research, knowledge and understanding of so-called robo-advisor services has reached new heights.

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Blog - When The President Tweets, Who Listens?

President Donald J. Trump is the first President to use Twitter as a primary communication tool with voters.  Most mornings, although not all, the President will lob out a few tweets, thus guiding the news cycle for the day.  

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Investing Takes A Holiday

Whether it was the result of the mid-term elections or the stock market slide in late November, investors across the wealth spectrum retreated from enthusiastic investing in November, according to the Spectrem Confidence Indices.


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