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The Advisors Who Create Financial Plans

Anyone with a basic understanding of finance and household economics can create a financial plan. That’s why many investors are able to create their own without benefit of a financial advisor.

What differentiates advisors and the financial plan they offer is the specific services and advice that is offered in the plan.


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Letter From The President - Failing to Plan

Every year at about this time, companies begin to plan for the next year.  In doing so, they reflect on what was successful in the current year and what are their goals for the next year.  Many companies have elaborate procedures surrounding their planning process.  They often include multiple levels of the organization.  And then, successful companies track their performance to their plan annually while others stick it in a drawer and blow off the dust when the next planning season arrives.

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Millions of American investors use the services of a financial advisor to assist them as they navigate the path to creating a solid and profitable portfolio.

But there are millions of investors who invest on their own, eschewing the services of a financial advisor for a variety of reasons.


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How Millennials Found Their Advisor

Millennials are now a significant portion of the adult population. They range in age from 25 to 40, which means they are getting married and having children and earning enough money to be desirable investors.


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Not Enough Excess (Liability Insurance)

Basic liability insurance is a standard component of homeowner policies, and is an essential ingredient to providing comfort in knowing a horrible accident around your home won’t destroy your family’s financial standing.

But a topic that needs to be addressed with your wealthier clients, and which can impact the success of the investment plans of your clients, is excess liability insurance.

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Blog: Self-Managed or Irrelevant?

Spectrem just published a report entitled Converting Self-Managed Investors.  The report focuses on those individuals who defined themselves as “self-managed” or “self-directed” and how to attract these individuals as clients.  These households represent a significant percentage of potential clients.  I believe that a lot of these households don’t really want to be self-managed.  They just don’t know how to ask for advice and they don’t want to be made to feel stupid by asking the wrong questions.

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The Numbers Say Recession Fears Grow

Wealthy investors do not, on average, believe a full-blown economic recession is in America’s near future.

They do, however, are more likely to believe a recession could happen before the 2020 Presidential election than they were two months ago.


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Investor Outlook Bounces Back

Spectrem’s Household Outlook, which measures an investor’s optimism about four financial components of their daily lives, is compiled monthly, and one month’s results have no impact on the results of the following month.

But it was not unexpected that the Outlook for September 2019 would see a significant bounce back from the incredible drop it experienced in August, when an economic recession seemed inevitable.


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Letter From The President - The Biggest Opportunity for Advisors

Sometimes pursuing prospects for new business seems futile.  It may seem that there are just too many advisors and investment companies trying to take a piece of a pie that is just too small.  But at Spectrem Group we know that this is not true.  The largest opportunity for financial advisors lies in a relatively untapped market.  That market is the “self-managed” or “self-directed” investor.

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