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Millennial and Generation X Investors: Facing Another Crisis

In a span of 20 years, those in Generation X have experienced the dot-com bubble, the great recession and are now dealing with the ongoing challenges and uncertainty presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.  The Millennial generation has also experienced the same uncertainties.

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How Advisors Can Increase Referrals and Satisfy Clients

Investors identify how their advisor relationship will evolve as they assess the past 12 months of turmoil.  Will they require more advice or less?  How satisfied are they with their advisors during the market volatility of 2020?  What services are lacking from their advisor.  How will the pandemic redefine the client-advisor relationship including communication methods.

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Communication Post Pandemic

Financial advisors typically meet face-to-face with their clients at least annually with many meeting as frequently as quarterly.  But the pandemic has changed the habits and attitudes of investors regarding these meetings.  For most, any meetings in the last six months between financial advisors and their clients have been virtual.  Will this be the model for the future or will the traditional face-to-face model return.

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Mass Affluent Investors in 2020
Sometimes it’s all about perspective.  The market volatility and economic shutdown that occurred in the spring of 2020 had a significant impact on investors and households across the U.S.  Months later, markets have rebounded but the economy is still slow to recover especially for business owners of all types.  So how are investors feeling about their own financial recovery several months after the crash in March of 2020?
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Rollovers and Consolidations in 2020

Now that Baby Boomers are actively rolling over assets into IRAs, how are they making decisions?  What role does technology play?  Are they using an advisor?  How many are consolidating accounts?  How should the industry change to accommodate rollovers?

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$25 Million Plus Investors 2021

Investors with a net worth in excess of $25 million are one of the most sought-after clients in the financial services industry. These individuals need very unique and specific guidance and

assistance in managing their wealth.
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